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The Psionist's Handbook - Qverview of Psionics is a Guide to Unleashing Your Supernatural Powers

Have you envisioned Supernatural Power? Incredible psychic abilities that would raise you from an average human, to the level of demi-god. This book is designed specifically for that purpose; to help you transform your current skills from those of human, to those of superhuman.

• Learn the state of Mind required for telekinesis

• Understand, feel, & become sensitive to energy

• Techniques for psi wheel & push/pull training

• Electrokinesis, auras, DNA upgrades, & Spiritual Wisdom

• Knowledge of source field, the matrix, & the Force

Written by a respected psion with years of training & experience, this unique book will help you on your path to unlocking your inner mystical powers. This material is an essential key in understanding & accessing the extraordinary Power that lies dormant within you, just waiting to be discovered.

Exploring telekinetic abilities & other psychic skills, Superhuman Training also covers more esoteric topics including spirit Power, meditation, mantras, the subconscious Mind, & other ancient occult secrets. This book goes much deeper than just the superficial aspects of training, & is a solid foundation & initiation into psychokinesis, the mysterious Art of Mind over matter. A new age is coming; an age of super-evolution. The question is... do you wish to become one of the evolved? If so, this Powerful book will serve you well.