50 Questions

50 Questions

Posted by Le Baron Rouge on Jul 20th 2020


If I wanted to grow my own, do I use the bottled nutrients I see marked veg /bloom or a/b, or are they even necessary? I want to do an organic hydroponic grow. Thanks in advance.



Your query is appreciated. Most bottled nutrients, whether labelled organic or otherwise, are split into “growth phase” & “fruiting/flowering phase” or “veg” & “bloom” formulations. These are often called base nutrients, which are exactly what the name implies: a foundation for a fertilizer regimen. Base formulas are made up of the essential elements needed for basic survival & general health. Usually, base fertilizers contain a large amount of N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, & potassium) along with varying levels of micronutrients. Many base nutrient offerings are split into veg & bloom (growth/flowering) formulations because the nutrient ratios contained are specific to that particular phase of development. For example, during the vegetative phase of growth, a Cannabis plant requires more nitrogen & during the blossoming phase, a Cannabis plant will require more potassium & phosphorus. Base fertilizers intended for the “veg” or “bloom” phases will provide the cultivar with essential elements in ratios that are tailored for that period of becoming, although needs vary across gene pools.

For organic hydroponic systems, base fertilizers are worth consideration, & there have been many advancements over the last 15 years including the procedures of extraction, processing, & stabilization of organic compounds. Many bottles stamped as pure organic or organic-based liquid fertilizers are available on the market that can be incorporated into a hydroponic system. When shopping for organic liquid fertilizers, be sure to check if the product is designed to be used in soilless media. Generally, the organic “soilless” fertilizers will be filtered & specifically processed for use in a hydroponic system. Purchasing soilless-specific organic fertilizers can go a long way in preserving the longevity of pumps & emitters, which could otherwise get clogged in a recirculating hydroponic system.

I should also mention that there are many organic “hydroponic” systems that actually serve as hybrid systems, which, instead of using a soilless medium, incorporate a living soil into the system. An example of this is a mock-hydro, wick system like a Hempy bucket.Rich, mature organic soil can supply a plant with the essential elements otherwise only received through additional fertilizers.

TLDR: If your goal is to grow your Cannabis in an actual hydroponic system, you will likely use “veg” & “bloom” base fertilizers (organic or conventional) before you forray into anything else, which will also make Life a bit easier as you gain experience. If your hydroponic system is a hybrid system with a well-balanced organic soil, the bulk of the essential elements can be obtained from the soil itself. I Hope this answers your question & well wishes on your journey.