Desire vs Doing

Desire vs Doing

Posted by Egnatius Enigma on Sep 1st 2020

You never learn who you can play with while standing on the sidelines.

Standing still & stagnation can be the same thing, like standing Water. Standing Water supports pestilence. It doesn't flow, & it isn't Living. Our goals often require our properly directed action, & our inaction is like the saying of "idle hands" - resulting in preventable evils & pains.

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All that is wrong is brought forth through the misuse & perversion of what is good. To ward those wrongs, the acquisition & proper utilization of those right things within our realm of capability must be exercised. Those ignorant to their surrounding environments & forces are bound to err against Universal Laws & Truths until they gain understanding & Wisdom. Guidance may prove beneficial in some regards, but the Greatest development is produced by the individual in the actions they take to Master the Laws of Life.

The True purpose of the strong is to promote strength in the weak. The perversion of that perception is that strength is for the submission & suppression of others. Greatness does not desire to be alone. Greatness desires to see more Greatness. Dependence isn't a goal, but independence always has been.

Enlightenment is necessarily preceded by a period of childhood, but that childhood period should not be so marred that it almost definitely leaves a flawed end product. Parents who develop leaders & those capable of developing strength in the weak instead of those that exploit the weak for their own gains. Each individual ensuring that ignorance retreat to the shadows instead of its current blatant parade in the Sun.

The importance of understanding & commanding emotion should be taught just as rigorously as weighing & measuring with logic. Surely, much more has been brought into physical being with feeling than without.