Off in the Astrals

Off in the Astrals

Posted by Dick Dastardly on Sep 6th 2020


Only concerned/

With how your Soul tastes/

The color of your Aura/

The palette of your Heart bae/

Is it rigid as coral/

Or as rich as Georgia clay/

A picnic on Piedmont/

Or an evening in the Palisades/

If I put my face in it/

Will it kiss me like the morning dew/

Or crash cold upon me/

Like the waves off in Malibu/

I'ma Tower boo/

You've been up or your cardio/

Or do I gotta throw on that Trigga/

& Take It Slow/

I like to go Beast Mode/

Don't Mind if you bite me/

Beat that cat like a dog/


That freaky shit excite me/


How you doing lil mama/

Lemme whisper in your ear/

Heavenly dick over here/

Lift you out this atmosphere/